Acoustic Advice

Acoustic Dynamics contributes acoustical consulting expertise for a diverse range of projects and clients.

Noise in any environment can have a significant impact on the comfort of various types of receiver. Acoustic Dynamics has developed a solid reputation for providing quality expert Acoustic Advice as well as recommending practical achievable solutions and works on many different projects, including:

Commercial Acoustic Advice:

The importance of properly administered acoustic solutions to a construction project can never be underestimated. The implementation of appropriate acoustic treatments that are engineered to the design specifications required. Each project is unique and hence requires its own attention to detail. A quality acoustical design optimises the acoustic amenity of occupants and neighbours of commercial spaces.

Acoustic Dynamics are proven Acoustic Consultants. We are experts in acoustical advice,  design, and solutions. This expertise extends to varying commercial industry sectors, just some including:

Architectural Acoustic Design:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Office towers
  • Education facilities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Health and audiology facilities
  • Mechanical plant acoustic design


  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Concert halls / Theatres / Cinemas
  • Music Rooms / Studios / Speaker positioning
  • Sporting Arenas and PA systems


  • Speech intelligibility and speech privacy
  • Office space fit outs
  • Conference facilities
  • Call centres
  • Sound masking

Residential Acoustic Advice:

Acoustic services are regularly required for a variety of residential purposes. These services can be rendered to assist in creating optimised auditory environments for the comfort of dwelling occupants and neighbours. Acoustic services may also be necessary to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

The team at Acoustic Dynamics is well equipped to handle the acoustical requirements for residential projects of any size or complexity. Common projects include:

Assessment & Advice:

  • NCC / BCA compliance assessments
  • Strata By-Law advice
  • Strata noise investigations
  • Building defect investigations
  • Floor Impact & Airborne Transmission Testing
  • Air-conditioning noise (Council compliance)
  • Other domestic mechanical equipment
  • Pool & spa equipment noise
  • AAAC Acoustical Star Rating assessments

Noise Intrusion & Reduction:

  • Aircraft noise
  • Road traffic noise
  • Rail noise
  • Marine vessel noise
  • Facade sound transmission
  • Partition floor and wall sound transmission

Acoustical Design:

  • Residential housing
  • Apartments, units and townhouses
  • Mixed-use developments

Industrial Acoustic Advice:

Acoustics in industry is becoming increasingly important. People expect noise producing equipment to be quieter. The separation between residential and industrial properties are being reduced. Awareness of Workplace health and Safety (WHS) issues and requirements is ever increasing.

Acoustic Dynamics has many years of experience and is highly capable to assist with your acoustic issue. Among the services we provide, the following are included:

  • Sound Power Measurements conducted to relevant standards
  • Noise Source Identification
  • Noise Source Quantification
  • Acoustic treatment advice
  • Workplace noise assessment
  • Acoustic camera measurements and analysis
  • Acoustic engineering
  • Mine site and quarry Acoustic modelling and compliance testing
  • Environmental Impact Statements

Transport Acoustic Advice:

As the residential density levels within our cities increases, houses and apartments are becoming closer to transport infrastructure. This drives acoustic pressure on roads, rail and aircraft to achieve improved acoustic targets.

Acoustic Dynamics assists customers with measurements and advice to ensure their projects proceed without issue.

  • Roadside acoustic barrier design and sizing
  • Noise intrusion from aircraft noise
  • Noise intrusion from rail noise
  • Noise intrusion from road noise
  • Rail acoustic barrier design and sizing
  • Underground tunnel ventilation silencer sizing
  • Community liaison
  • Environmental impact statement
  • Design development
  • Detail design
  • Operational noise and vibration
  • Construction noise and vibration

Construction Acoustic Advice:

The building acoustics are an important consideration in the design and construction of most buildings. Acoustic Dynamics can provide expert advice on all aspects of building construction. From the planning stage, demolition, excavation, construction and also commissioning. They can make sure your construction project proceeds within the requirements of regulating authorities in terms of both the design of the building and also the construction of it.

  • Housing
  • Apartments
  • Townhouses
  • Commercial buildings
  • Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plan, CNVMP AAAC Acoustical Star Rating Assessments for apartments and townhouses
  • Mechanical services acoustical design and isolation
  • BCA, council, DECCW and other authority compliance

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