Industrial Vibration Monitoring throughout Sydney


Construction Vibration Monitoring:

Acoustic Dynamics can conduct vibration monitoring services of demolition, excavation and construction activities, between the vibration source location and any buildings or structures of concern. Our vibration monitoring systems can be set up to give equipment operators guidance of vibration levels during works. This gives machinery operators the chance to reduce their impact to prevent exceedances of guideline criteria and to reduce the risk of vibration-induced damage to buildings and structures.

Construction Noise and Vibration Plans are essential components of any development project. Vibration emission resulting from works can affect the amenity of nearby residences. Acoustic Dynamics can help to measure and report on vibration emission, or intrusion with a view to mitigating and managing impacts.

Gym Vibration Monitoring:

Acoustic Dynamics is aware of the intricacies associated with the operation of a fitness facility or gym within close proximity to adjacent commercial and residential receivers. Acoustic Dynamics has conducted work for a number of gym franchises, including many 24 hour gyms. Structure borne vibration (noise) resulting from the dropping of weights can be a significant issue, if not adequately addressed.

Having worked with many gyms to inspect premises, investigate and make recommendations to reduce sound and vibration emission received at adjacent commercial and residential receivers, Acoustic Dynamics can give building owners and fitness facility or gym operators confidence that the facility will cause minimal impact to the amenity of their neighbours.

Structure Borne Noise:

Structure borne noise is transmitted through solid materials and structures through concrete, steel or even timber. Noise sensitive spaces can be influenced by structure borne vibration such as healthcare facilities, residential developments, hotels, schools or offices. Sources of structure borne noise include hotel pools, industrial machinery, weight drops in gyms, HVAC equipment etc. Acoustic Dynamics can help with measurement, monitoring or prediction assessments on vibration, as required.

Industrial Vibration:

Vibration due to industrial operations can also affect the amenity of and cause disturbance to nearby residences. Isolation of this vibration is not always straightforward. Acoustic Dynamics can help with the engineering design of suitable vibration isolation systems, which can include spring mount sizing, rubber mount sizing and inertial plinth sizing as required.

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